Linux Common Knowledge

Transform a socks proxy to a http proxy - Polipo

polipo socksParentProxy=localhost:9050

npm proxy config

npm config set proxy
npm config set https-proxy

npm config rm proxy
npm config rm https-proxy

Turn off SELinux

Recently, I encountered a problem. After searching on google, I realized I had encountered before.
Sometimes I need my vps on GCP to be a transfer to download something that the download speed is very slow in China and the proxy network speed and stability is not ok. I need to download to my vps at a very fast speed first and then download to my machine. I need to enable the Apache web server to list the directories and yes after reconfiguring, I can see the files in web root directory on a web browser but when I click the link, It shows a 403 forbidden page. After searching from google, I know I need to disable SELinux as well.

Check the current status & mode of SELinux

$ sestatus

Temporarily Disable SELinux on CentOS 7

$ sudo setenforce 0

$ sudo setenforce 1

Permanently Disable SELinux on CentOS 7

$ sudo nano /etc/selinux/config #change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled
$ sudo reboot