EF level 6 unit 5

EF level 6 unit 5

I've been put in charge.

I'm worried that we'll fall behind the competition.

I'm concerned that we won't be able to compete.

I'm worried about the competition.

I'm concerned about losing so much money.

I have some serious concerns about the deal.

Are you worried that we'll fail?

I can see why you're worried about that.

You know there‘s a revolution in technology going on.

IXW is falling behind on mobile.

I can see why you are worried. I already do all my banking on my smartphone. If only I could do my taxes on it.

Will you be meeting with her next week?

[TODD] You know, I never thought a product would affect my life so much.
[SALLY] You have been talking to Simon, haven't you?
[TODD] Actually, it was more like he was talking to me.
[SALLY] Yup. That's Simon! When he starts on the topic of technology, he never stops.
[TODD] We've been too slow in developing mobile solutions. I watch my kids to their homework, and I'm amazed at the effect that technology's had on their lives.

Anna's new tablet has 1 gigabyte of memory.

I surf the web on weekends.

My computer battery is dead. I'd better charge it.

My son spends all day on his phone texting with his friends.

I'd been surfing the web on a laptop until I bought my tablet.

My old mobile phone had a big problem. It had (be) been losing some of my messages when I first got it.

Texting while driving caused the accident.

The cause of the accident was texting while driving.

Video games have a big impact on students' performance in school.

Video games have a big effect on students' performance in school.

Video games affect students' performance in school.

As soon as I went in, Katherine cried out with pleasure.

I'll write you as soon as I get there.

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