Business travel (EF Level 6 Unit 4 )

Business travel (EF Level 6 Unit 4 )
From 英孚6级4单元 主题:商务旅行

[STUART] Hello?
[STUART] Is this the New Orient Hotel in Shanghai?
[STUART] Great.
[STUART] You are a five star resort, correct?
[STUART] Wonderful.
[STUART] Uhh, I would like to book a room for the evenings of the 24th and 25th.
[STUART] Yes, A single room.
[STUART] You know what? Actually, do you have a deluxe suite?
[STUART] You do.
[STUART] Great.
[STUART] And, uh, what services does your hotel provide for a room like that?
[STUART] Ok, all right.
[STUART] A DVD player, a mini-bar, a panoramic view of the city.
[STUART] If I wanted to get a massage, could I do that?
[STUART] I could get a massage in the room or at the spa?
[STUART] No, I think that's wonderful.
[STUART] The gym is right next to the spa?
[STUART] And you have a pool?
[STUART] You have a pool and a jacuzzi.
[STUART] Great.
[STUART] Uh, do you have a business center?
[STUART] It's in the room.
[STUART] OK, that includes a fax machine and a telephone line.
[STUART] Great.
[STUART] No, I don't golf.
[STUART] You have a golf course.
[STUART] Well, then maybe I'll begin.
[STUART] Uh, great. And do you have any conference rooms?
[STUART] You do, wonderful.
[STUART] All right. I am going to go ahead and book this.
[STUART] Uh, I'm going to be paying with a credit card.
[STUART] Uh, yeah. The credit card number is 8423-6655-5301. The expiration is 07-11-22.
[STUART] OK, thank you very much.
[STUART] Well, Shanghai, here I come.
[STUART] Whoopee!
[STUART] Hi, there. I would like to book a ticket from Los Angeles to Shanghai.
[STUART] Departing on the 23rd.
[STUART] Yes, an 11 a.m. departure is fine.
[STUART] Uh, 17:05 on the 24th in Shanghai?
[STUART] Yes, that'd be perfect.
[STUART] Uh, yes. Banks-Stuart Banks. [STUART] My passport number?
[STUART] Uh, yes.
[STUART] Just a moment.
[STUART] Umm, my passport, right.

[HOTEL CLERK] Hotel Royal. Good evening.
[BUSINESSMAN] Uh, hi. I have a reservation for nights of December 7th and 8th. The name is Kent. Brad Kent.
[HOTEL CLERK] Uh-huh? Right. I see it here.
[BUSINESSMAN] I'd like to change that to the 8th and 9th, if possible.
[HOTEL CLERK] All right. Let me just check. No problem, sir. I can make that change for you now, if you like.
[BUSINESSMAN] That'd be perfect. Thank you so much.
[HOTEL CLERK] Not at all. Is there anything else?
[BUSINESSMAN] Uh, yes. Dose my room have internet access?
[HOTEL CLERK] Yes, it does. Every room at Hotel Royal has free internet access.
[BUSINESSMAN] Great. Thank you very much.
[HOTEL CLERK] You're welcome. Goodbye.

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